Thursday, April 9, 2015

Agrilibrium: Offering Essential Products for Accurate Crop Nutrition

It takes loads of efforts to make a farm field fertile enough to grow the crops as per your will. You need to test the soil for the availability of crop available nutrients. Depending on the analysis of the results, you are required to provide accurate crop nutrition by applying the desired mineral, organic and biological nutrients for better yield. In addition, you also need to be updated on various methods that could enhance the crop yield. If you wonder where to look for all such facilities to ensure enhanced results on your field, Agrilibrium is there to help you out.

Quality farming facilities at Agrilibrium  

The reputed company in South Africa holds high credibility in providing apt nutrition for plant roots uptake. It offers numerous products to adhere to this tasks satisfyingly, most of which leverage fulvic acid benefits and comprise amino acid chelate to nurture the crops. Some of its prominent products include:

AminoBoost: It is a nutrient chelated product consisting of acidic Phyto-fulvic acid. It works toward improving soil structure, soil rehabilitation and assists in enhancing the ability of the root to pierce through compacted and brackish soils. The fulvic acid in the product has been extracted from trees. In addition, it possesses appreciable wetter and rewettter properties.

FullMax: It is one of its kind foliar applied product, which actuates the uptake efficiency and mobility of plant ingredients. It performs the best when used in sync with Glyphosate and Foliar nutrition effective concentrations. It owns water loving or hygroscopic property, which comes handy in attracting moisture from air, to further improve the uptake of foliar applied chemicals.

QCM360: This product is highly efficacious in restoring the soil’s life and ecological balance. It comprises sludge, and plant growth stimulating (PGS) micro-organisms among others as the source of food for micro-organisms. It also provides the necessary vitamins and nutrients to maintain the fine balance between the soil and the nature.

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