Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How Agrilibrium Restores Natural Balance and Contributes to Organic Farming in South Africa?

Agrilibrium is an innovative venture that found it realms in 2001 with the intention to improve the crop yield. Thanks to its positive efforts and the determination throughout these years, the company has added a new chapter to the organic farming in South Africa. Derived from the words agriculture and equilibrium, Agrilibrium vouches for restoring natural balance and spreads similar message through its logo as well. 

What does the Agrilibrium logo say?

On the left hand side of the logo, the specific term “Restoring Nature’s Balance” and the scale represent Equilibrium farming. Here the scale specifically refers to the soil and roots. Similarly, the right hand side of the logo depicts Plant Stress Management, one of its initiatives to improve the plant’s health. Finally, the drop at the centre of the scale indicates water and the 1:2 water extract analysis that the company performs to determine the relationship between the soil and the plant.  In short, the logo says it all, what the company has been doing and aspires to do in the coming times – restoring the balance of the nature at its best.

The strategy

Agrilibrium holds a productive and eco-friendly strategy to formulate develop products that could ensure high quality and effective plant growth. It promotes biological soul micro-organisms, organic soil ameliorants, and foliar plant nutrients. As for its reach, the company holds a high presence in the domestic agriculture market and the African export market. It entertains a decent repute in the international market as well, hence enabling it to share its vision of growing better crops worldwide. Its collaborating partners, AgrilibriumCape, and AgrilibriumCentral, both were incepted to take this coveted wish of the company forward to new dimensions.

Successful products & friendly staff

The entire group in itself has been a revolution in the agriculture sector in Africa. It leads the market with its beneficial products and owns an extensive capability to develop new products with the help of experienced team. Among its capable staff, include plant physiologists, agriculture economists, soil scientists and viticulturist. Besides these, the group also owns a team of skilled, educated, and professional trained experts to help farmers in the field and suggest beneficial ways for crop yield. In order to come up with beneficial products, all encrusted with minerals, amino acid chelate, fulvic acid, etc., it performs careful tests. While soil analysis predicts the crop available nutrients, the water extract analysis identify the soil nutrients and the quantity of these nutrients available for the harvest.

Monday, December 1, 2014

How Fulvic Acid Rich Products Help Agrilibrium Restore Nature’s Balance?

The nature is full of bounties. It continues to give back to the environment through various ways and hence benefits the flora, fauna, and the humankind persistently.  Even the decomposed material left by the dead plants, animals and microbes get recycled and become the source of numerous byproducts. As the soil absorbs these byproducts, it gains excellent properties, which make it healthy and fit enough to grow thriving crops yields. Notably, among many such derivatives, fulvic acid benefits exceptionally, owing to its enriched organic composition.

What is Fulvic acid?

It is an important organic compound that occurs naturally in plants and soil. It possesses the useful property to balance the biological processes and boost the cell life. Using it in apt quantity helps in efficient nutrient uptake by plants, and allows the water to enter the cells at above-normal rate. In addition, it encourages balanced hydration, and lets the undesirable toxic substances to pass through the body.  Unfortunately, several unsolicited actions by humans have resulted in a settle decrease in microbial activity in the farming soil. This has ultimately led to a retarded growth of natural substances, and the same goes for fulvic acid.

Thankfully, several companies operating into agricultural industry have come up with feasible solutions to help the soil regain fertility. Agrilibrium, the South Africa based company has been a reputed name in this regard. It abides by stepwise soil management plan spearheaded by soil testing to manufacture products that could benefit the soil as well as the crop growth. Besides providing essential plant nutrients and fulvic acid, these products also keep a check on the abundant presence of  liquid sulphur or lime. If not taken care of, the excess quantity could harm the pH of the soil, and may reduce the quantity of important elements such as iron, copper and zinc in the plants.

Why Agrilibrium?

The company serves the important cause of restoring the balance of nature that has been damaged by the use of harmful chemicals, avoidable farming activities, lack of knowledge, etc. It promises proliferating growth of crops through:

Equilibrium farming: Involves the use of organic and chemical plant nutrients, together with certain micro-organisms and soil conditioners.

Plant stress management: Includes the utilization of foliar nutrition effective concentrations, anti-oxidant biochemical compounds, and stimulants.

1:2 water extract: Determines the balance between the soil and the plant, and the portion of soil, which is beneficial for the growth of the crop.