Thursday, July 31, 2014

Amino Acid Chelate: The Organic Fertilizer That Replenishes Essential Plant Nutrients

Amino acid chelate, also called as liquid sulphur is the natural input that presents numerous benefits. It facilitates the nutrients reach even to the most complex parts of the plant, and effectively reduces the harmful effects of both the acidity and alkalinity on the metal nutrients.

Chelating agents are extremely secure as they obstruct the metal nutrients from intermingling among each other, as well as stop them from interrelating with the ions present in soil. This effectively signifies that the plant can utilize all the valuable nutrients and minerals introduced in the soil. They are

The chelates of amino acid are natural, and hence act as valuable mediators to offer plant nutrition. They assist the plant in attracting all the essential nutrients for its development, while removing other unnecessary ions. Instead of living at the root, these chelates hold the capability to help nutrients reach even to the tip of the leaves.

Even though chelating is an innate occurrence, not all plants can make best use of this procedure because of numerous reasons, foremost of them being the lack of essential plant nutrients. Hence, fertilizers encrusted with the chelates of amino acid go on to improve the plant’s capability to take in the nutrients present in the soil actively.

Even after initiating metal elements and important plant nutrients to the soil, they are not automatically soaked up by the plants due to some complex chemical and physical difficulties. Often, these nutrients reside on the roots and lower stem, from where they are drained away during runoff. In order to avoid arrested plant growth, adding fertilizers to the soil in higher quantity is a common practice. However, without proper soil analysis, it is hard to find out what is missing in the soil and at what pace are the plants absorbing the nutrients.

Hence, it doesn’t matter if you are running an agribusiness, work as an agriculturist or have the hobby of gardening, in almost any case, you need to perform proper analysis of soil and have to come up with an effective soil management plan. The idea has been catching ground more effectively than ever owing to the productive results it offers.

Soil analysis, correct composition of soil, and deciphering the essential plant nutrients are important to ensure good health of plants. The use of fertilizers like amino acid chelates or liquid sulphur in the right quantity is recommended in this context, to get appreciable results.

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