Thursday, November 21, 2013

Use Liquid Sulphur and Amino Acid Chelate Products for Root Growth

Recent studies in the South Africa have shown that roots play a more important role than first thought. The roots do not only ensure a healthy plant but it also acts as a communication system alerting the plant of the presence of toxic chemicals or harmful pests. Did you know that for every 10 problems encountered by plants, eight are related to unhealthy root? But why aren’t they given much attention than they deserve? That’s probably because they are buried underground and not seen as much. Liquid sulphur can help promote a healthy root which in turn results in a healthy plant.

The Danger of Human Intervention

Throughout evolutionary history, nature has been happily trudging along. Then the humans arrived. Modern practices in agriculture introduced by human beings have damaged in just a few decades what took nature millions of years to create. Human intervention such as toxic synthetic chemicals, mono-crop agriculture and GMOs all destroyed biodiversity.

This is why it’s important to go back to the basics. It’s amazing how some farmers use extensively chemical inputs and then they wonder why their plants are not growing as much as they should. It’s better than you don’t go against what nature has intended and instead maximize the potentials of the soil. The soil test analysis will offer a better picture of what you need to introduce into the soil to achieve equilibrium.

1:2 Water Extract Method

The 1:2 water extract analysis, or one part air dry soil and two parts water, is a bit of departure from the typical 1:5 water extract. The latter method poses some disadvantages particularly by determining accurately the amount of phosphate in the soil as well as the amount of salt especially in soils where there’s high ratio of gypsum.  The 1:2 water extraction method, meanwhile, was developed by Japanese workers and used soil in field-moist conditions instead of the air dry soil. This method shows a much more accurate correlation of nutrients and minerals existing in the soil.

Binding Minerals

Amino acid chelate products help in improving the structure of the root and its ability to pierce dense or brackish soils. Most commercially available products are soluble by water which makes it very easy to apply (you can even introduce it through your sprinkler system). It’s best combined with the use of agricultural sulphur to lower the pH level of alkaline soils and encourage plant growth.

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